SATs results show year on year improvement

Jul 2018
his year 64% of pupils met the expected standard in reading, writing and maths, compared with 61% in 2017.

Year 6 SATs results today show a growth in attainment for students leaving primary school in the core subjects of maths and English.

This year 64% of pupils met the expected standard in reading, writing and maths, compared with 61% last year.

Results have increased across the board with 75% of pupils meeting the expected standard in reading, compared with 71% last year; 78% of pupils meeting the expected standard in writing, compared with 76% last year; and 76% of pupils meeting the expected standard in maths, compared with 75% last year. Even student attainment in the debated grammar, punctuation and spelling test has increased by 1% from 2017.

In a comment shared with BBC News, Schools Minister, Nick Gibb, said: "A good primary education lays the foundations for success at secondary school and beyond. That's why we introduced a more rigorous, knowledge-rich primary school curriculum - with an emphasis on reading and fluency in arithmetic - to ensure every child is helped to reach their potential from the moment they start school."
This year's cohort was the third to sit the tests in line with a new knowledge-rich national curriculum introduced in 2014; and whilst this overall improvement in results is promising as it means more children will arrive at secondary school equipped with the knowledge and skills for a successful transition to Key Stage 3, with two-fifths (36%) of pupils having failed to meet the expected standards further improvement is necessary.

Students who are regularly engaging in mental arithmetic and are exposed to a wide range of vocabulary, are in the best position to thrive in these exams.

Thousands of primary school aged children across the UK are mastering the fundamentals of reading, writing and maths with Kumon.

Whilst at Kumon we do not follow the national curriculum, our students are well supported in these key areas which assist their learning in school, and their ability to do well in these exams. Through daily study our students further develop stamina, resilience, and a 'can do' attitude towards their work.

Kumon School's Project Manager, Timothy Corns, said: "Where Kumon can really help student's working towards their SATs is through individualised study. At Kumon, work is tailored to a student's ability with each student working at their own pace, progressing only once they have a firm understanding of a topic, rather than having to move on to a new topic with the rest of the class. This ensures there are no gaps in a student's knowledge so when it comes to sitting these exams, a student feels confident and assured in their ability."

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