Ambitious Anya, confidently strives to complete the Kumon Maths Programme

Dec 2020

At the age of five, Anya was among the very first Kumon students to join the Kumon Ipswich Central Study Centre when it opened nine years ago. She’s stayed committed to her daily Kumon studies for this time and consequently Anya has developed a love for maths and for wider learning in general. Now, aged 15, she is also assisting her Kumon Instructor, Sangeeta, as a classroom assistant, and is seen as a role model to many students at the centre.

After enrolling their older daughter Zoe to Kumon through a friend’s recommendation, Anya’s parents, Mandeep and Reena, decided to enrol Anya to the maths programme as well. They said, “As we both studied maths to a high level and now work in maths-related backgrounds, we’re aware that this is a subject that is mastered with plenty of practice. After witnessing Zoe’s maths ability develop, we thought to try Kumon for Anya too, and we’ve never looked back since that day”.

Anya is now studying a high level of the Kumon Maths Programme, with completion of all the levels in sight. She has been reflecting on her Kumon journey, telling us about her early days: “I can’t remember much about when I started Kumon, given that I was only five at the time; other than the fact that I used to wait in the Kumon waiting hall for my older sister Zoe to finish her Kumon and I really wanted to join in too!
Nine-and-a-half years later I can truly say that I have seen a huge amount of improvement in my mental maths abilities. While I used to struggle to pick up new concepts, Kumon helped me to learn a method through example, and to then practise until it is like second nature.  I still use many of the methods that Kumon has taught me every day in school. Kumon helped me to increase the speed of my maths by tracking how long it would take me to complete a workbook. I was able to set challenges for myself, and to strive to beat my last completion time. Daily Kumon study has enabled me to develop a strong work ethic and routine, which I continue to apply in my schoolwork and will do so in my future studies.”

Aside from seeing huge leaps in Anya’s maths ability and study skills, her parents are equally proud of her achievements in school.

Mandeep and Reena told us:

“We’ve never had to ask Anya to complete her homework and submit it on time and can say with confidence that Kumon has had a major role to play in developing this study habit. Kumon certainly helped Anya pass the 11+ with ease, getting top band scores. She has been selected to do the Additional Maths FSMQ (Free Standing Maths Qualifications) at her school and is well on track to take this exam at the end of Year 11, alongside her GCSEs.”

Anya agrees and says, “The great amount of daily practice from completing the various levels of the Kumon Maths Programme has proved to be invaluable to me, both in my schoolwork, and with my continuing study at Kumon. I often gain familiarity with a topic before it is covered in school, which allows me to stay ahead and apply my maths knowledge to new concepts that are learnt in other subjects such as physics, helping me complete my calculations with ease.  

Daily Kumon study has also helped me to keep up with my schoolwork. I never struggle to stay on top of homework, because of the habit that is instilled in me to get homework done.

But the most significant things that Kumon has helped me with in terms of exams, are the confidence and comfort felt when completing maths tests, as well as the timekeeping that I have learned. This has helped me in all my subjects at school.”

At Kumon, Instructors instil confidence by encouraging their students to have a go and to endeavour to work out answers by themselves using the examples and their learning from previous questions. The learning from doing it for oneself is powerful and increases the self-belief in the child. Anya has developed a great relationship with her Instructor. She says, “I have studied under Sangeeta during my complete Kumon journey; she has been one of the most supportive and passionate ‘teachers’ I have had. Not only does she love her role, but she passes on her passion for maths and English to all her students. I have very much enjoyed and will continue to enjoy both studying and assisting alongside her.”

Equally, Instructor Sangeeta is proud of Anya’s achievements, telling us,

“I believe Anya is my longest serving student. I can still remember her as a young child in Reception, starting her Kumon journey. Over time I have witnessed her blossom into a beautiful and talented young lady.

Anya started her Kumon journey with the ability to write numbers, and time has flown quickly; she is now in Year 10 at school, working three years above the level of her school year. She took responsibility for her own learning quickly while in primary school and has been studying incredibly well since. She has always been supported by her parents who instilled in her the values of working hard.

Equipped with a love of maths, strong academic skills and self-confidence, Anya looks forward to continuing studying her GCSEs. Contemplating her future aspirations she told us, “In the future, I would like to pursue my career within the STEM sector (science, technology, engineering and maths), therefore, I can confidently say that all I have learnt from Kumon has enabled me to become a confident individual with a love of maths that will open many doors in my future career.”  

Well done, Anya! We’re sure you’ll continue to strive towards completion of the Kumon Maths Programme and wish you all the best in your GCSEs and beyond.