Elanna masters her maths with Kumon

Jul 2021

Elanna joined the Kumon Inverness Study Centre during the national lockdown in March 2020, with the specific aim of improving her maths abilities and confidence. Having now progressed an impressive eight Kumon levels in the space of just a year, she’s reaping the many rewards of regular Kumon study, both in maths and across all her school subjects.
Although Elanna had never particularly struggled with maths, her mother, Polly, noticed that Elanna’s younger sister Sarah, who was already enrolled with Kumon, was completing higher-level work than Elanna. Polly therefore decided to enrol Elanna on the Kumon Maths Programme too.

Polly told us, “I became concerned that school would be disrupted for Elanna in a crucial year for her as she’d be sitting her Nationals and Higher exams. I was also worried that online schooling would not give her enough to keep her brain engaged and active!”

Reflecting on Elanna’s initial enrolment with Kumon and the progress she’s since made, Polly told us,

“Kumon has helped Elanna enormously. She has moved up eight Kumon levels in just a year! When she first joined, Elanna started on level C which covers mastery of multiplication and division. Now, she’s just been awarded a level J certificate which is a key milestone in the Kumon programme, covering factorisation and quadratic functions. Although Elanna never particularly struggled with maths, Kumon has improved Elanna’s confidence and given her a head start in school.

The programme also helps her with her science subjects and hugely with this year’s exams. Kumon has given Elanna confidence outside of school too. Her confidence when communicating and helping others has grown considerably. Her organisational skills have also developed.”

Like all students, Elanna started the Kumon Maths Programme at her individually set starting point and was able to progress at her own comfortable pace. By studying consistently every day, Elanna practised her skills, and took ownership of her learning as her confidence flourished.

Elanna reflected on her Kumon journey, telling us,

“Although I was in the highest maths group at school, when I first joined the programme, I still was finding a few maths concepts a bit tricky at school. Since then, I’ve excelled through the programme; I feel much more confident in my maths ability, and my study skills have improved too. For instance, now I can solve problems efficiently, communicate confidently and I enjoy reading. The skills I’ve developed from Kumon have really helped make my Nationals and Higher exams seem easier. Overall, Kumon has made me happier in my school subjects.”

Polly added, “The Kumon Maths Programme is nothing short of amazing. I love the way it starts with basic number recognition and ends up with very complex maths without ever really ‘teaching’ the students.  It is a massive confidence boost, and a real help to pupils like my daughters who continue to reap the rewards from Kumon study.”

At Kumon, Instructors instil confidence by encouraging their students to endeavour to work out answers independently using the examples and their learning from previous questions. Learning from doing it for oneself is powerful and increases the self-belief of the student, as is clearly evident with Elanna.

Polly said, “Our Instructor, Riffat is great. Riffat and Elanna have developed a good relationship and communicate freely with one another.” Elanna added, “Riffat is approachable and always there whenever I need help or need to reduce my workload (due to exams). Overall, she is a big support and great Instructor!”

Polly concluded, “When I first enrolled Elanna with Kumon, I wanted her to feel confident in her maths ability and I can confidently say, Kumon has achieved this. Elanna is currently sitting her National and Higher exams, and I’m sure she will achieve higher grades than she would have achieved before joining Kumon.”

With a love of maths, strong academic skills and self-confidence, Elanna looks forward to her future studies and career aspirations within the science field.

Keep up the great work Elanna! We wish you all the best with your exams and beyond!