Melody’s mastery of maths means a move into medicine

May 2019

Soon-to-be medical student, Melody joined the Caversham study centre just four years ago and has been progressing through the Kumon Maths Programme, at such a rate that she completed the last level of the programme earlier this year.

Melody’s father, Albert, was interested in supporting her progress at school and considered Kumon due to its “good reputation for complementing the UK’s Education System. I was interested in seeing how the Kumon Method could help my daughter gain a solid foundation in maths and become more confident in the subject.”

18-year-old Melody said; “Soon after studying with Kumon, I greatly improved both my mental maths and algebraic skills. I’m now much faster at solving equations and I’m able to concentrate for longer periods of time. These skills and study habits proved invaluable during my academic exams, like GCSE and A-Level Maths, and I believe they will continue to be beneficial while studying at University.”

Both her Instructor, Abida Sayeed, and Albert have seen Melody swiftly progress throughout the programme and become more independent and confident in her abilities. Albert comments, “Through the worksheets, I have seen that Kumon has helped her consolidate what she has learned at school. This has allowed her to advance her learning beyond what she is taught in school. Every day she is developing and mastering important skills in numeracy and in life, which will surely prepare her for her future career in Medicine.”

Witnessing how his own daughter has benefited from the Kumon Maths Programme, Albert expresses his overall thoughts on the Kumon Method of Learning; “I believe Kumon is an excellent supplement to the UK’s Education System. Students advance further in school as they progress throughout the Kumon programmes. It allows students, like my daughter, to strengthen their ability, gain a better grasp in the topics studied at school and as a result, perform better.”   

We wish Melody the best of luck as she embarks on her journey to studying and practising Medicine.