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John Steinbeck's birthday was 27 February 1902.

John Steinbeck’s birthday was 27 February 1902.

Yesterday (27 February) would have been American author John Steinbeck’s 115th birthday.

Throughout his lifetime he wrote 27 books, including 16 novels, six non-fiction books, and five collections of short stories.

His works frequently explored the themes of fate and injustice, especially as applied to his ordinary, downtrodden protagonists; and although the majority of his texts are set in southern and central California, they are still read and considered classics right across the globe.

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Islington student Maya

“The Kumon Programmes have inspired which A-levels I would like to take in the future”

At a recent awards ceremony, Kumon Islington student Maya gave a presentation to her peers and special guests, Her Worship the Mayor of Islington, Kat Fletcher and the Mayor’s Consort, Rev. Melanie Toogood, about her journey through the Kumon Maths and English Programmes, and delight at receiving her award for completing the English programme.

We wanted to share her inspiring words with you: “My name is Maya, I am in Year 10 studying at the Grey Coat Hospital School and I have recently completed the Kumon English Programme. I started Kumon in 2007 when I was five years old, following my two sisters. I began with the maths programme and decided to do the English programme at around the age of ten. Throughout this course I have covered topics such as summarisation, text organisation, and critical writing.

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Tips for boosting your vitamin D levels

Sunshine is vital in keeping our bodies healthy through encouraging the production of vitamin D.

Although the weather has unexpectedly brightened and warmed over the past few days, most of February has been cold and dull, meaning, excluding the lucky few who escaped into the winter sun over half term or at Christmas, the majority of us have seen little sunshine since the onset of winter.

Aside from the feel-good factor, sunshine is vital in keeping our bodies healthy through encouraging the production of vitamin D.

Often referred to as the ‘sunshine vitamin’ because it is made by the action of sunlight upon our skin, vitamin D is essential for healthy and strong bones and plays a key role in maintaining our immune system.
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Fun number games to keep children engaged this half term

We’ve considered a few fun and easy ways you can incorporate some maths into your children’s half term.

Students across the country are on half term, or will be next week, and whilst it is important for youngsters to relax during this time, it is important they keep their minds stimulated too.

Regular activity encourages a child’s mind to grow and develop, so understandably, any time away from regular study can threaten their steady learning progress; most likely they will lose some of their previous learning and will have to spend time recapping it upon their return to school.

Through reading they will be able to stay abreast with their literacy skills, but keeping their numeracy skills sharp over the break can be trickier.

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