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Kumon now in 50 countries and regions

Kumon reaches another landmark number
Two recent Kumon Study Centre openings have been of note; Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, has recently opened two Kumon centres marking the first presence of Kumon in Cambodia. This is an important step in itself as the company introduces its language and maths programme to a new culture but it also brings the number of countries and regions currently learning through Kumon to an impressive 50. This ties in with a key Kumon goal: to offer as many children as possible the opportunity to learn using the Kumon Method. This is at the very heart of the company’s ethos. The reason for this is Kumon’s deep sense of caring about children and the drive to help build confidence and skills that will support them in all walks of life.

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JM Barrie’s Peter Pan takes readers on a magical adventure to Neverland.

One of the greatest joys of reading is being taken away from the everyday and getting lost in someone else’s narrative; and adventure fiction is the perfect genre for this, full of excitement and action.

Within these stories we get to meet unique individuals, visit surreal places and experience adventures beyond our wildest dreams; we can truly escape into another realm.

Today (9 May) is the birthday of author JM Barrie, whose famed children’s book, Peter Pan, takes us on one of the greatest adventures of all, to Neverland.

In honour of his birthday we’ve explored his adventure story alongside several others which have kept us enthralled and desperately eager to experience for ourselves. [ Click here for full story ]

“Kumon has given Connie a huge boost; she has a positive mind-set and approach to learning.”

Six-year-old Connie Lai is a student at the Kumon Waterlooville Study Centre, and has been since May 2015.

Connie’s mum, Lia, enrolled her onto the maths programme because she wanted to provide her with some extra support and encouragement to further develop her mathematical skills.

Two years on, and now in Year 1, Connie has developed skills, stamina and independence beyond her age, and is mastering work beyond her school grade and classmates. [ Click here for full story ]

“Answering the comprehension questions gave me inspiration for my own stories.”

At Kumon we aim to instil a love of reading in all of our students regardless of their programme of study, for the skills gained through reading will benefit them in all areas of their lives.

One student who has developed a passion for reading throughout her Kumon journey is 13-year-old Hadiya Parkar, who hopes to be an author when she is older.

Hadiya has recently completed the English programme at the Kumon Wembley Park Study Centre and studied to an advanced level on the maths programme as well.

We caught up with Hadiya as she reflected on all she has experienced and achieved on the Kumon programmes. [ Click here for full story ]