National Teacher Appreciation Week: Why teachers are so important

May 2012
Teachers play a pivotal role in shaping children's lives

Monday marks the start of the Parent Teacher Association's (PTA) National Teacher Appreciation week. Parents and children are encouraged to host events at school and in their local community to show teachers just how much they are valued.

The PTA makes the following suggestions for activities:

  • Host a special breakfast or lunch for your school's teachers and staff. If space allows, invite parents, school board members and prominent community leaders to join you at the event in showing appreciation for teachers.

  • Create a giant teacher thank-you card for display in the school community. Place markers by the card so community members can add their words of thanks.

  • Plant trees or flowers in public areas or on school grounds in honour of teachers.

  • Ask each teacher what his or her favorite book is and buy a copy for them, or have a copy donated to the school library. Include in each book a bookplate with the name of the teacher who chose the book.

  • Present certificates of appreciation to all teachers, as well as to supply teachers, teaching assistants and other support staff.

The importance of a good pupil teacher relationship
Teachers play a pivotal role in shaping children's lives and many adults remember the words of wisdom that their teachers imparted to them during their school life.

Children who have a good relationship with their teachers may be more focused on their school work, eager to achieve and could stand a better chance of realising their goals.

A recent education select committee report, published on 1 May, cited research conducted by the Institute of Public Policy Research, involving around 6,000 pupils and 300 teachers.

The research found that 'having an 'excellent' teacher compared with a 'bad' one can mean an increase of more than one GCSE grade per pupil per subject.'