Aspiring Doctor Priom, found a love for maths with Kumon

Dec 2020

16-year-old Priom from the Kumon Ipswich Study Centre is excelling in the Kumon Maths Programme, so much so, that he has almost reached completion of all the levels. He recently excelled in his mock exams at maths GCSE and is brimming with confidence. With strong aspirations to become a doctor one day, Priom believes that studying the Kumon method has given him a head start to achieve his career goal.    

Priom shares with us the role he believes Kumon has played in helping him achieve excellent exam results in school and develop a love for maths.

“When I first joined Kumon, my confidence soon grew and with daily practice I felt that my maths ability was improving too. Through studying the examples on the worksheets, and with my Instructor’s support, Kumon study helped me to understand the basic fundamentals and methodology behind certain topics. In turn, this helped me then understand the more difficult maths topics, especially within the higher levels.  

Alongside my maths ability, I have developed a good study routine and my time management has improved. Daily Kumon study is now part of my lifestyle and helped me to shape my time management when it comes to school work. My fast-paced mental maths ability has given me a head start at school; I’m now at the top of my class and working three years above my school age level.”

Priom’s mother, Borna, is impressed with how well he has progressed through the Kumon Maths Programme and flourished in school. She says,

“Before Priom joined Kumon his maths ability was average, but I was keen to help him improve. Soon after joining, I witnessed his ability and study skills start to improve and Priom understood the importance of a good daily routine. He has been able to apply his study skills to his school work and always completes his homework on time. Most importantly, the programme helped him to tackle advanced topics in his maths GCSE and he received great mock exam results ahead of his exams next year.”

At Kumon, Instructors support and encourage students to work out answers by themselves, helping them to become self-sufficient, successful learners for the future. The Instructor guides the student to make their own learning discoveries which requires training, skill and experience to be able to develop children of all ages and abilities.
Telling us about his Instructor, Priom said,

“I enjoy interacting with Sangeeta; she is caring and always there if I need a helping hand. She encourages and instructs in such a way that the method makes sense quickly.”

Kumon Instructor, Sangeeta Kumar, says,

“Priom has been studying Kumon with me for six years and in that time, he has never missed doing a day's work or forgotten to time himself on his homework. His parents always supported him by making sure they marked his homework and he did his corrections. This has helped him progress through the Kumon levels quickly and he is now working three years ahead of school level. I have seen Priom's confidence grow over the years, he’s an excellent student with excellent work ethics.”

Aspiring to study Medicine at university and become a doctor one day, Priom is confident that Kumon will help him strive for his target level 9 grade in his GCSE maths, as well as help him reach his long-term goals.

Well done, Priom!