Aged 12 and above

Dual subject student Amaani demonstrates dedication

Jan 2021

Amaani joined the Kumon Welwyn Study Centre at four years old to study the Kumon Maths Programme. Today, at the age 15, she not only continues to excel in her Kumon maths studies, she’s also successfully completed the Kumon English Programme too!  

As a four-year-old, Amaani would eagerly wait in the centre’s waiting room for her older brother to complete his Kumon class; she’d ask her mother if she could also study Kumon, and would often knock on the window, trying to join the session!

Along with her siblings, Amaani began the maths programme, aged four and studied at the centre throughout primary school. With excellent maths progression, she was encouraged to also start the English programme when she was 12 years old to improve her grammar and ability to summarise text, since then Kumon has transformed her ability. With perseverance and daily commitment to her Kumon studies, Amaani is now a confident writer, and applies the skills gained from studying Kumon across her school subjects every day.  

Her mother, Kemi, praises the Kumon study programmes and more so, Instructor Sabira, for helping to develop all three of her children’s maths and English abilities. She believes Kumon has given them head-start throughout their schooling and further education.

Kemi told us, “The structure of the Kumon Maths and English Study Programmes have helped Amaani and my other two children to become habituated in daily study. The examples on the worksheets helped my children to progress in small incremental steps as their study skills developed simultaneously. Through starting the English programme too, it has helped Amaani to focus on her spelling, sentence construction and grammar. Her writing ability in school essays has improved considerably as a result.”

When Amaani decided to take up the English programme two years ago, her spelling ability and use of vocabulary was limited, as well as her ability to infer information from texts. With daily practice, her English abilities started to improve.
Reflecting on her Kumon journey, Amaani said,

“Kumon improved my comprehension skills which visibly improved my grades at school and helped me think about texts differently as I’m reading them. I now consciously think about the information a text is telling me while reading it, which is a skill that has saved me time during my English GCSE practice papers.

I enjoyed the importance Kumon placed on completing our study of the worksheets every day. This helped me improve my approach to studying and has encouraged me to have a positive work ethic, and become a self-learner. It also taught me that progress can only come from continuous effort, and that mindset has helped me achieve things in other aspects of school.”

Kumon nurtures students by giving them the tools they need to enjoy learning and thrive academically, which increases their enjoyment across a wide range of subjects at school, alongside preparing them for personal and professional success later in life. It’s clear that Amaani feels Kumon has helped her in school, particularly with her English studies.

Her mum, Kemi agrees, telling us,

“Amaani was always fairly focused with her studies, but Kumon helped her direct that focus. I think it also helped her see that if she worked hard and consistently at anything, she would achieve it. At school, she’s now an independent learner and is confident enough to ask for help when she is out of her depth. I’m sure Amaani will continue to enhance her love for learning in the future.”

She added, “Sabira has guided all three of my children perfectly; She has made them strap up their boots when they were slacking! She helped me learn to acknowledge and praise even their small successes so that they felt hungry for more. I cannot thank Sabira enough.”

Well done, Amaani! We’re sure you’ll continue to strive towards completion of the Kumon Maths Programme and wish you all the best in your GCSEs and beyond.