These siblings seized the summer with adventure and Kumon study

Sep 2019

This year, Kumon UK ran a Facebook summer photo competition for six weeks to encourage and recognise students across the country that work hard to keep up with their daily study during their school summer holiday. Each week, parents submitted photos of their children committing to their daily Kumon study; completing their worksheets and showing them focusing on their work. We received a huge array of photos from UK students holidaying at home and across the globe, at the beach, on an aeroplane, in front of the world’s most famous landmarks and in sight of so many more unique locations! These students demonstrated a real sense of discipline, engagement with their studies and a love of learning; essential study skills that Kumon aims to develop in every student.

We received more than 400 submitted Facebook photo entries! Siblings, Amelie and Kieran, won week five of the competition and went on to also win the final grand prize. 12-year old Amelie and 10-year old Kieran took their Kumon worksheets on their family summer adventure hiking the 110-mile Tour Du Mont Blanc, walking through the French, Italian and Swiss Alps for ten days! Between tackling the mountain trails in good and bad weather conditions, admiring panoramic views from the mountaintops and camping under the starry skies, they still managed to make time for their daily Kumon study. Their mother, Wendy, believes that their sense of self-discipline and motivation stem from studying with Kumon;

Kumon has helped them develop a solid study routine. They have become more independent which is positively reflecting in their everyday lives. To help them develop a routine, they follow a chart which highlights what activities they need to complete throughout the day, and Kumon study is listed on the chart. I no longer need to tell them to study or complete their daily tasks as they get on with it on their own. Because they’ve learnt to follow a structured routine in their studies and in their personal lives, they’ve also become more organised and this has helped them with all their subjects at school.”

Amelie and Kieran first joined their local study centre at the ages of five and seven. However, after moving to a new house, the family found that they needed to discontinue Kumon as the distance to travel to the centre was too much for them.  One year ago, just before starting secondary school, Amelie was keen to resume with the maths programme and so she, along with Kieran, joined the Kumon Bexhill Study Centre. Wendy believes that they have both thrived academically as a result of studying the programme. She is also pleased with how well the programme is developing the skills they need in other areas of their lives; “The children’s hobbies include long-distance running and going camping which both require a certain level of physical and mental stamina, perseverance and endurance. We’ve found that studying Kumon over a long period of time has built their mental stamina. They are able to stick with things and not give up so easily. Their problem solving skills have improved and they are able to take on challenges more confidently. We didn’t plan it, however the skills they’ve developed at Kumon complement their extracurricular activities.”

Amelie, who was born with anophthalmia (absence of her left eye) and as a result wears a prosthetic eye, hopes to pursue a career in Ophthalmology.

She says, “Kumon has boosted my confidence. It has helped me succeed in maths and has made me push myself further than I could have otherwise gone. I am considering a career in Ophthalmology, and the skills I’ve learnt in Kumon will help me achieve this.”

Kieran, who would like to be a Secondary school teacher, adds,

“Kumon has helped me improve my skills in maths and has allowed me to get higher marks on my tests. Knowing my times tables so well helps me understand my lessons better and allows me to feel confident to take on new maths topics.”

Congratulations to Amelie and Kieran for winning Kumon’s summer photo competition! We loved hearing about their travels and we hope they are able to continue to explore the world and make great memories taking their Kumon study with them wherever they go!