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Kumon helps budding mathematician, Rebecca, blossom at GCSE and A-level Maths

May 2023

Rebecca, a Completer of the Kumon Maths Programme from the Kumon Corby Study Centre, is a prime example of how Kumon nurtures and maximises students’ potential to enable them to achieve great things. However, to achieve big, sometimes you must start small. Rebecca recounts her personal struggles with maths before joining the Kumon programme and how completing manageable amounts of work every day bolstered her confidence and enjoyment of the subject,

I remember not enjoying maths and whenever I got something I couldn’t understand, I would get upset and give up very quickly. When I started Kumon, I remember being very excited about how quickly I could complete 10 pages of addition and multiplication problems.”

It was this spark of excitement, and the support of Rebecca’s Instructor, which ignited her passion for maths. No longer fearing difficult equations, Rebecca looked forward to the challenge.

My favourite thing about Kumon (especially the later levels) was going to the centre and working through incredibly complex questions with my Instructor, Kim.

Indeed, Rebecca fondly recalls how she flourished academically within the Kumon programme, which filled her with a great sense of achievement, and most importantly, self-belief.

Kumon provides students with special recognition awards and certificates when they progress to advanced study that is one, two or three years above their equivalent school grade level.

I have received multiple Advanced Student Honour Roll awards with Kumon, which helped me realise where I was in the Kumon levels compared to school, making me feel very positive about my maths knowledge. I also received awards for passing certain levels which I was very happy and proud to earn.

Rebecca’s academic success was not only recognisable through her progress within the Kumon Maths Programme, but also with her GCSE and AS level results,

With the help of Kumon, I improved so much in my maths ability. I received a grade 9 in GCSE Maths and an ‘A’ in AS level maths. I am now doing A level Maths, Further Maths and Physics and found Kumon helped me so much as I had already learnt about many of the topics taught.

Rebecca emphasises that the support and encouragement of her Instructor, Kim, was a key part in her academic success,

Kim was always very calm and resilient when helping me with tricky maths questions. From when I was younger, she helped me with writing and laying out the methods and steps, to working through long, difficult questions in Kumon Level O. Kim has been amazing with her explanations.”

Rebecca proceeded to explain how Kumon was able to maximize her growth and potential, especially when approaching higher level maths content,

I liked being able to get really great help and advice on the questions from my Instructor, as I found when I got into harder levels, my parents were not equipped to help me.”

With the help of her Instructor, Kim, Rebecca was taught the study skills she needed to excel within, and in areas beyond, the Kumon Maths Programme and built her confidence in tackling any academic challenge that came her way,
Rebecca’s mother, Nicky, was astounded by her daughter’s progress, saying that she had witnessed ‘significant improvements’ in her child’s work, whilst also watching Rebecca become ‘more self-disciplined’ with her studies. Nicky also emphasised how Rebecca’s ‘enjoyment of maths’ has rapidly increased. Despite not previously being familiar with the Kumon method, Nicky saw the wonders it did for Rebecca and was eager to pursue it with her other children,

I saw significant improvement in Rebecca’s maths and other subjects at school, to the extent that I also enrolled her brother and sister.”

Indeed, through Kumon, Rebecca has developed a love for maths which has extended beyond the realm of school academia. Rebecca now looks enthusiastically to the future, envisioning the workplace and a potential career path.

I want to do a maths degree in the future and am considering a career in finance and there is no way I would be aiming for this without the help of Kumon making me confident in my maths ability.

Rebecca went from feeling disheartened with her maths ability to feeling empowerment and joy as she excelled throughout the Kumon Maths Programme. Her confidence in full bloom, Rebecca looks forward to a bright future – and not shy of a challenging maths equation or two!