Aaditya finds GCSE success from Kumon Study

Aug 2023

Aaditya started studying at the Kumon Ipswich Central Centre when he was four years old and now, at 15, has successfully completed the Kumon Maths Programme, making him the first student at Kumon Ipswich Study Centre to do so! Alongside this massive achievement, Aaditya has also made great progress through the English programme and has been kind enough to tell us how he feels about his success, his top tips on becoming a Kumon Completer and what he plans to do next,

“Now I have completed the Kumon Maths Programme, I feel satisfied with my progress and elated with my achievement. My family are very proud of what I have done – for both my perseverance through all stages and for my determination to see the Kumon Maths Programme through to completion.

“I swept through the early stages of the Kumon Programme quickly and I’ll always remember that Daniel, the Area Manager, saw and encouraged the potential in me and told my Instructor, Sangeeta, that, ‘this boy will complete Kumon Maths!’ I am very happy to have made his prophecy come true!

“Sangeeta has contributed a great deal to my progress and has always been a pillar of support. She has always been there to give me advice whenever I was struggling and never hesitates to find time to help her students. She has always been encouraging and gave me clear advice at every level of study.

“Studying with Kumon has helped me take on new information quickly, encouraged me to strive to progress to a higher level and shown me how to develop a routine with my studies. Thanks to this routine, I have been better able to self-monitor my progress through Kumon and my school studies, which is extremely satisfying since it helps me to continuously track my academic progress. Another benefit is that learning maths with Kumon has helped me stay ahead of my class and I have consistently achieved grade 9. The confidence I have gained from this has also been helpful in my other GCSE subjects.

“My advice to other Kumon students who want to complete the maths programme is to keep on persevering throughout the levels, even if it appears daunting. I found it was important to adopt, very early on, a balance between Kumon and your other studies so that there was mutual benefit. I also think it is important that, when you feel overwhelmed with the work, you take a break to let your mind recuperate.

“My next immediate goal is to take what I have learned from Kumon into my A-levels as, having recently completed my GCSEs, I’m looking forward to starting my sixth form studies. All of this will help me as I am planning to pursue a career in medicine.

“I would like to conclude by thanking Sangeeta for the immense help she gave me, and my parents for the constant support and motivation they provided. Also, I would like to give a big thanks to the Kumon Ipswich Central staff, especially Sally who was there at every step of my Kumon journey.”

Thanks for sharing with us, Aaditya!

Aaditya shows how skills learned through Kumon study can help students reach their full potential. Using this knowledge and ability to study and self-motivate, we’re sure that Aaditya will go on to pursue his desire for a career in medicine and achieve a host of great things!