Chloe takes off with Kumon

Apr 2024

Seventeen-year-old Chloe at the Kumon Corby Study Centre is feeling justifiably proud of her achievements because she recently completed the Kumon Maths Programme! Since joining when she was ten years old, Chloe has learned and grown a lot in her time with Kumon, and had the following to say about her fantastic accomplishment,

“While I’ve always loved maths, Kumon gave me an even greater passion for the subject. I believe that engaging with the Kumon Maths Programme not only enhanced my mathematical abilities, but also helped me develop my problem-solving, resilience and sense of responsibility through daily practice.

“Receiving my Completion of Maths trophy was a fantastic payoff for the programme. Displaying it at home over Christmas certainly impressed our guests! Medals and trophies from Kumon are not only a source of pride but are also welcome marks of appreciation for the hard work and dedication that I put in to my seven years of Kumon study.

“My Instructor served as an excellent role model for me, inspiring me to approach life with determination and dedication. I was able to see the essential qualities needed to be an excellent teacher, inspiring me to begin volunteering as a Chinese tutor.

“I aspire to become an architect, a career which will require strong critical thinking and communication skills – skills I have enhanced through my Kumon study. Kumon has been a major factor in my growing up, teaching me independence and the correct mindset to pursue my goals. I am proud to have completed the maths programme and I recommend that all my classmates keep at it – I am looking forward to seeing you become Completers too!”

Chloe’s incredible development through Kumon is plain to see, and we’re sure that Chloe is in a great position to succeed both in her education and in life after Kumon.